CI-CMC(Deep Soil Mixing)

Advantages of CI-CMC

  • 1.Larger Columns
    CI-CMC achieves creation of larger columns without sacrificing the quality.

  • 2.Rapid Production
    Because of its sophisticated mixing concept, CI-CMC can rapidly mix cement slurry with soils even at humic soils that are generally regarded difficult to be strengthened.

  • 3.Wider Applicable Range
    CI-CMC will be applicable to all soft soils.

  • 4.Environmental Consideration
    No vibration and low noise accompanied by the installation makes CI-CMC conformable to the construction at residential area.

  • 5.Applicability as Direct Foundation
    Columns by CI-CMC have enough quality for the application of direct foundation of upper structure.


Ejection of slurry with air achieves uniform mixing of slurry with soil and helps penetration of mixing blades with reduction of torque.


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