Save Compozer(NON-Vibratory SCP)



SAVE (Silent, Advanced Vibration-Erasing) Compozer, a Non-Vibratory Replacement (soil densification) method, has been born by the development of a rotary penetrating system for wave-type implementation that uses a new type of forced driving / lifting device. This allows densification of subsurface soils adjacent to the existing buildings, and significantly widens the applicable area for the densification. Various materials such as stone, sand, crushed concrete, or slag can be used as filling materials for this method.


Technical Development Award of the Japanese Geotechnical Society.

May 31, 2002:

Certificate 4 as 'Tested general civil engineering technology', of Japan Institute of Construction Engineering (JICE).

September 1999:

Ministry of Transport Approval Certificate 99107, as engineering method to counter liquefaction.

July 21, 1999:

Appraisal by Japan Architectural Center (private foundation), Concrete Structure Evaluation Committee Evaluation No: BCJ-C2273

April 17, 2000:

Science and Technology Agency 59th Selected New Developments by with notice.

April 20, 2010:

Recommended technology No. CB-980039-V by New Technology Informati on System (NETIS), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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